Our Story

Congratulations on taking your first step to discovering a less painful and faster way to heal naturally After your Tat!

My name is Stan Weatherby. My better half, CJ, and I are the creators of this remarkable skin care lotion called AfterTat.  We’ve been using natural products and remedies our whole lives. We’re proud to create natural products we not only love, but that also help others!

Growing up, I was passionate about staying healthy, lifting weights and playing sports. This later launched me into body building. I spent years learning about natural ingredients from trainers, nutritionists and my sponsor, Twin Labs. I also had 3 decades of experience owning companies in technology, chemical blending, cleaning products and formula development. CJ has spent decades in the medical and dental industry. She’s also spent a lifetime showing and training horses in many disciplines. As a CESMT, (Certified Equine Sports Massage Therapist), CJ performs therapy on horse’s muscles to keep them working at peak performance which in turn benefits the animals entire physical and mental well-being. Horses serve as perfect models for studying human physiology and diseases due to their similar health conditions, skeletons, aging processes, natural diseases and medical conditions we have. She uses natural products and remedies in her work and has witnessed amazing results of what natural products and remedies can do for both humans and horses! Our backgrounds have given us the foundations needed to create AfterTat products.

Designing a skincare formula for tattoos came about in 1998 when I got my first ‘tat.’ A gift from a few close friends, it commemorates my sister who passed away from breast cancer at 44 years young. It’s a large piece on my arm and I remember the painful shadowing process, the numbness after sitting for hours and the frustration I had during the next few days of my aftercare! I was proud of my new artwork, but the uncomfortable healing process kept me thinking, “There must be a better way to recover more quickly with less pain!” I had followed my aftercare instructions meticulously, but ultimately, I was back in the artist’s chair redoing tat lines that had been lost after some scabbing. More time and money had to be spent completing my piece all because of the healing process! A tattoo is an open wound yet finding a product made of natural ingredients for this particular type of wound was difficult. The quest for a natural solution was obvious. It wasn’t until my second tat, eight years later, research began on natural ways to nourish, protect and defend my skin to aid in the healing of my next piece. The recipe for AfterTat was born!

I enjoy getting work done much more now! I’m grateful to the friends who encouraged me to get my first permanent reminder of someone so significant in my life.

CJ and I enjoy giving and are blessed to be able to give to a charity that has personal meaning to us. Proceeds of every can of AfterTat sold goes towards helping a natural cancer fighting charity. I’ve lived my whole life in a way that may be considered ‘against the grain.’  AfterTat came about as a direct reflection of what can happen when you think ‘outside the box’ and do it for the good all. CJ and I are strong advocates of living in a sustainable world that does not pollute, hurt animals or endanger our environment.

Give yourself something that truly is amazing for your Skin, Tat and the canvass it is on, while helping us fight the battle for cancer. 3% of the gross dollars produced by the AfterTat family goes directly to “The Annie Appleseed Project” to help raise awareness for all the Holistic Treatments that has been made on the treatment of Cancer – More on the project can be read about HERE. Our commitment to developing products that provide optimal health and wellness the natural way is our highest priority. Discovering ingredients to improve our products is continually ongoing.

CJ and I are excited to have you as a customer of our products and we know you will be extremely happy with AfterTat!

- Stan Weatherby -